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Photo Booths for Marketing - Elevate Your Brand with a Custom Photo Booth Experience

Marketing your brand with a photo booth

We often get inquiries from companies trying to use a photo booth experience at an event to market their brand.  After executing countless different photo booth installations over the past five years, we have determined that there are a few key things to keep in mind ahead of your event to maximize the impact of your photo booth.

Know your audience

It is absolutely essential that you know the tastes and behaviors of your target audience.  If they are on Instagram, that's where you (and your photo booth photos) need to be.  If they like sharing GIFs, give them that content with your booth.  If they like exciting, interactive activities, provide that... On the flip side, there are audiences that aren't ready for front edge content (some have never even heard of a GIF).  For those events, keep it simple and maybe even limit it to one or two photos per session.  The last thing you want is to make your target audience feel awkward for not understanding the point of your photo installation.  Not sure what your audience will resonate with?  Ask your photo booth company.  There's a good chance that they have the experience to point you in the right direction

Social media can mean a lot of things

User generated photo content can really go a long way to promote your brand.  That said, it should be executed with a tight focus.  Just because a company offers a "social media" product does not mean that it will actually spread your message on social media.  There must be a tightly focused strategy for your photo booth content, and the content must compel the users to share.  Otherwise, the opportunity will most likely be wasted.

A good concept is key

At this point most savvy consumers have been in countless photo booths.  That's why it is important to craft a unique concept if you want to stand out.  There is plenty of room for innovation, but the idea needs to align with your brand's unique message.  Most photo booth companies would be happy to help you craft a custom concept.  It doesn't need to be complex or expensive, but a unique spin on the photo booth experience can be the difference between a large reach and a total bust.  Photo booths have the potential to make a big impact at your event.