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A quick ode to the photo booth

There really is something amazing about photo booths.  I might be biased as the owner of a photo booth rental company, but as I thought about the medium, I couldn't help but recollect fondly.  I'll be diving into the history and significance of photo booths more in the next few weeks, but for now, a couple thoughts....

Let's face it.  The selfie is the photographic innovation this era will be known for.  The technique has its merits, and the idea of constant, instantly shared photos has an interesting sociological aspect as well.  That said, the selfie can be a lonely, even embarrassing endeavor, and everyone knows the feeling of excitement inherent to the experience of using a photo booth.

A photo of the author (right) in what might be his first photo booth shot ever.

A photo of the author (right) in what might be his first photo booth shot ever.

Photo booths give us an opportunity to let our guard down, be SilLy in public, and get some photos printed out (something sadly missing from most of our smart phone photography adventures).  And at the end of the day, they help us connect.  My fridge is littered with photo booth photos, and every time I look at it, I can't help but smile.  It reminds me of important events, interesting places, random nights out, and ultimately of the people in my life that make life worth living.

So next time you are at an event or out in public and see a photo booth, grab your friends and dive in.