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Our new beautify filter - add some glamour to your photo booth experience

The LightBooth Beautify Filter

We think you are beautiful already, but if you want to add a extra little polish to your photo booth photos, our beautify filter can help.  Our designers took the time to craft an image editing process that makes every photo look incredible by smoothing out imperfections, making you looking flawless without losing detail or sharpness.  The result is stunning, and your guests will be thankful that you decided to add the filter to your photo booth experience.

Check out some examples below from a recent event we did, and reach out to us if you'd like to add this magical photo booth filter to your event.

Photo Booths for Marketing - Elevate Your Brand with a Custom Photo Booth Experience

Marketing your brand with a photo booth

We often get inquiries from companies trying to use a photo booth experience at an event to market their brand.  After executing countless different photo booth installations over the past five years, we have determined that there are a few key things to keep in mind ahead of your event to maximize the impact of your photo booth.

Know your audience

It is absolutely essential that you know the tastes and behaviors of your target audience.  If they are on Instagram, that's where you (and your photo booth photos) need to be.  If they like sharing GIFs, give them that content with your booth.  If they like exciting, interactive activities, provide that... On the flip side, there are audiences that aren't ready for front edge content (some have never even heard of a GIF).  For those events, keep it simple and maybe even limit it to one or two photos per session.  The last thing you want is to make your target audience feel awkward for not understanding the point of your photo installation.  Not sure what your audience will resonate with?  Ask your photo booth company.  There's a good chance that they have the experience to point you in the right direction

Social media can mean a lot of things

User generated photo content can really go a long way to promote your brand.  That said, it should be executed with a tight focus.  Just because a company offers a "social media" product does not mean that it will actually spread your message on social media.  There must be a tightly focused strategy for your photo booth content, and the content must compel the users to share.  Otherwise, the opportunity will most likely be wasted.

A good concept is key

At this point most savvy consumers have been in countless photo booths.  That's why it is important to craft a unique concept if you want to stand out.  There is plenty of room for innovation, but the idea needs to align with your brand's unique message.  Most photo booth companies would be happy to help you craft a custom concept.  It doesn't need to be complex or expensive, but a unique spin on the photo booth experience can be the difference between a large reach and a total bust.  Photo booths have the potential to make a big impact at your event.

Graduation Party + Photo Booth = FUN

Graduation parties and photo booths go together like cake and more cake.  It's the perfect opportunity to mark a moment in time and get some really high quality photos of you and your friends.  Mom and Dad might even hop in for a few shots with the grad.

At LightBooth, we specialize in making the experience fit with your personality and party.  We come stocked with fun props and can customize your photo strips to match the design of your party or to celebrate your school colors.  We also now have our 3D GIF photo booth which can capture the moments in all their animated glory.  These GIFs are also perfect for sharing on Instagram so everybody can see how fun your party was.

Graduation dates fill up fast so be sure to reserve your date soon to make sure you have a photo booth there for the celebration, and congrats on your huge achievement!


Wedding photo booth ideas - Part 2

In part one we talked about some interesting photo booth backdrop ideas for your wedding.  Coming up, we are going to talk about props and keeping things simple for the best results.

Photo booth props

You want your wedding to be unique.  We do too.  One way to easily achieve this is to customize your prop selection.  Our ultimate suggestion is to curate your own props.  It takes some time to do this, but you are the only one who can match the props to your unique personalities and goals.  Here are a few tips for curating your own prop selection:

  1. Less is more - When it comes to props, try to choose a handful of marquee items and leave it at that.  There will only be 1-8 people in most photos anyway so leave the dozens of props options for someone else's wedding.
  2. Personalize and be specific - If you are a scuba diver, include some scuba gear.  If you like to make artisanal wool rugs, include some sheep stuff.  The point is that you shouldn't just search on Amazon for photo booth props.  Let your personality and interests be your guide.
  3. Ask your photo booth company for insight - There are some considerations related to glare, size, etc. that you might want to ask your photo booth company about.  Some props like cardboard cutouts and signs can produce a high level of glare.  Your photo booth company should have a good idea of what will work well, and they will be happy that you reached out so you can both work together to make sure the photo booth experience is exactly what you are looking for.

Keep it simple

Ultimately, one of the best ways you can customize your wedding photo booth is to keep things simple.  Make sure you are getting what you want by communicating your ideas to the company you work with.  Also, don't get too caught up in the minute details of the planning.  If you hire right, your photo booth company probably has great insight regarding what will work well and what won't.  Trust them, and focus on preparing for your wedding day!