Since open air photos booths have become increasingly popular over the past few years, backdrops have become a more important part of the whole photo booth experience.  Though not always a requirement for an open air booth rental, selecting a great backdrop for your event can take your photos to the next level.


Most backdrops will be around 8' x 8'.  The addition of a backdrop stand can increase the area needed to set up the backdrop.  Be sure to ask your photobooth company what their setup requirements are to make sure you can make arrangements with the venue.


Backdrops can be made from a variety of materials, each with advantages and disadvantages.  It could be helpful to ask about the material when you are booking if you have specific needs.

For solid color backdrops, the majority will be made of muslin which is a cotton fabric.  It is lightweight and easy to care for but can wrinkle easily, potentially reducing photo quality.  Seamless paper rolls can also be used which will virtually eliminate wrinkles.  The paper rolls take up quite a bit of space and can be hard to transport though.


photo booth backdrop.jpg

Sequined backdrops have been very popular over the past couple years.  They are usually made of a fabric backing with individual sequins sewn onto the front.  These backdrops are often stunning and can make for photos that look elegant and unique.  There are many different varieties of varying quality though so make sure to look through galleries of past events to see what you will really be getting.

Top Tips

  1. Look through galleries of past events to get a feel for the different backdrops.
  2. Don't necessarily choose the most popular one - try to find something that fits your event and personality!
  3. Ask about dimensions.
  4. Look around on Pinterest for backdrop ideas - some of the best backdrops are custom made for a specific event.
  5. If your event is in a scenic location, it is possible that a feature of the venue could be used as a backdrop, but ask your photo booth company what your options are.