We all know photo booths are fun.  We all know weddings are fun.  So, uh, let's put em together!

We've taken thousands of photos at weddings over the years, and we've noticed that there are a few specific reasons why photo booths and weddings go together like ice cream and peanut butter (trust me).  Below we've listed our top 3 reasons to rent a photo booth for your wedding.  If you decide to do so, we make it easy so reach out to us to see if your date is available, and let's party!

1. Your guests will love it!

First of all, not everyone loves to dance (weird, I know).  The photo booth provides a perfect spot for those non-dancers to enjoy themselves.  Of course, the dancers can also partake and will love bopping over to the photo booth for a quick break.

I can't tell you how many times we've gotten messages from brides months after their wedding letting us know that everyone is still talking about how much fun they had in the photo booth that night.  Nobody wants their wedding to be a dud.  We've done hundreds of events, and the photo booth has never, never, ever been a dud.

2. You will capture your event from a different angle

The photo booth also presents an opportunity for you to get some great, non-formal shots with your best friends in the world.  The formal photos are great, but we constantly hear from brides and grooms that they find themselves looking at the photo booth shots a lot more.

It might even encourage that one uncle to let loose a little bit and have some fun.  We've found that even when Michael Jackson doesn't force him out of his shell, the photo booth usually does.

3. You and your SO will get to let your guard down and have fun together

A lot of your time at the wedding will be spent engaging in small talk with your dad's friends from work or trying to remember that one cousin's name or making sure that the speeches are all prepared or checking to see if the caterer is on time with the cake...etc...etc...

The photo booth is like a little escape from the madness.  You can grab your friends or your groom and hop in the booth and just relax for a minute or two.  Trust us, these photos will show you both at your most natural, having fun on one of the most important nights of your lives.  If that's not a reason to have a photo booth, I don't know what is.  

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