Graduation parties are an excellent time to get together with friends and celebrate.  You or your loved one has completed a difficult journey, and now is the time to reminisce and commemorate that achievement!

There are countless options when it comes to entertainment at your grad party, but a photo booth can be a great addition.  Not only is it a great way for everyone to let loose and come together, but it also is the perfect way to document the day.  Our high-quality archival prints will hold up for decades and if you choose the guestbook option, your guests can leave well wishes with a copy of their photos as a nice alternative to a traditional guestbook.

Grad party photo booth rental.jpg

So if you’re looking for a photo booth rental for your graduation party, let us know!  We have the experience to craft the perfect package for this important day.  If you are looking for other graduation party ideas, we’d be happy to help you with that as well.