We come in peace.  Your photo booth should match the needs of your event.

We come in peace.  Your photo booth should match the needs of your event.

All photo booths are not created equal!  There are a lot of factors to consider when you are deciding on the right fit for your event.  We are a bit biased, but we are also reasonable and understand that we can't be the perfect fit for everybody.  Therefore, we've decided to share some of our wisdom with the masses.


Obviously, your budget is going to determine what specific company fits in with your event.  We find that there are a few different price points in the industry.  I'll try to describe some of the nuances of each below.

High End

There are some companies that charge top dollar for their services.  In many cases these are solid, reputable companies that place a high value on quality.  In other cases, companies are simply trying to position their service as a high end service.  Either way, you should evaluate the way they communicate with you and the reviews they have before booking.

Middle of the Road

The photo booth rental industry (especially in Denver) is an extremely crowded place.  There are going to be a lot of companies that fit into this middle category.  You will have to be a savvy shopper to discern the differences between companies at this level.  I would pay close attention to the quality of their website (usually this will correlate with the quality of their business as a whole).  I would also ask a lot of questions.  If they have no answers or are slow to respond, they might not take running their business seriously.  Most events only happen once so if you want to be the victim of a business that doesn't take things seriously, it might be at the cost of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Cheeaaaaap (WARNING!)

There are a handful of companies in Denver that are attempting to rent out photo booths for less than $300 for a typical gig.  I can tell you first hand that this is not a sustainable business model.  I can also tell you first hand that we often receive frantic calls on the day of the event from people who have booked with these companies.

The fact is that a lot of these "companies" are really scams set up to prey on unsuspecting customers.  Some have websites, some build their business on Groupon, and some just have listings on popular listing websites like Wedding Wire.  Either way, if a company claims they can do your 3 hour wedding photo booth for $300, I would be very careful about booking with them.  Even if they are a legitimate company, you will most likely be dealing with people who don't have a lot of experience executing events.  Also, there is a good chance their gear is not up to professional standards.

Open Air or Enclosed

A photo booth rental will be fun no matter which option you choose, but I have detailed some key advantages of each below.

Open Air

  • Can fit more people in each photo (good for rowdy crowds or events with lots of people who know each other)
  • Usually allows for higher quality photos
  • You can sometimes select from a variety of backdrops
  • Guests at the party can witness all of the fun taking place over at the booth
  • Can usually be flexible about setup space


  • Private photo area
  • Feels more like a traditional photo booth
  • Flash won't distract people from the rest of the party

Customer Service

"If it smells like a rat and looks like a rat, it's probably a rat"      -Somebody

Trust your instincts when it comes to customer service.  A company that really cares about the service it provides will also care about communicating that care to its customers.  If you get the feeling that you aren't important to a given company, try somebody else.  It's not worth risking your important event.  Also, an experienced photo booth company will have answers to all of your questions.  After even a couple years in the business, they will have come across most questions and issues that could arise and should have answers to address them.  If they don't, move on.


Hopefully, this helps you in your quest to find the perfect photo booth rental for your party.  As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions - even if it's a question about another company.  We are happy to help.